Board and Staff

Leadership Team

Name Title Phone Email
Cathy Fallon Cathy Fallon Executive Director 708-788-1701
Cindy Hayes Cindy Hayes Superintendant of Finance and HR (708) 956-7857
John Roberts John Roberts Superintendent of Parks (708) 795-4040

Recreation Team

Taip Beshiri

Taip Beshiri

Athletic and Program Manager

(708) 956-7871
Taip Beshiri is the Athletics and Special Events Manager for the Berwyn Park District. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Prishtina, and an Associate's degree in CAD from Robert Morris College. Taip is a USSFA Licensed Soccer Coach and is our team’s driving force behind our efforts to build up a healthy community of athletics enthusiasts. Through his certificate of coaching from RSA Anderlecht Elite Professional Soccer Club in Brussels, Belgium, he has grown a true passion for fostering strong sports characteristics in youth, instilling passion, discipline, and teamwork into every sport he organizes for our park district. “Vision is the force where success gravitates. Few-if any-forces in human affairs are as powerful as a shared vision.” He is a sports fanatic, especially when it comes to football and soccer. On his time away from the park district, he is always up for a competitive game of ping-pong.
Elaine Link

Elaine Link

Customer Service Representative

(708) 795-2892
Elaine Link is a Customer Service Representative for the Berwyn Park District and is our primary front-desk contact at the Proksa Park Activity Center. Before beginning her career with us, she was a teacher’s aid for Emerson Elementary School for 10 years. In 2006, Elaine was invited to volunteer at our activity center. What began as volunteering transformed into a 16-year career, as she became an expert at operating our recreation desk, participating in all of our special events over the years, and gaining great insight into every role at our parks. Residents have shared the sentiment that Elaine continues to go above and beyond in her service, with many seeking to wait for her help. It is because of her drive to help locals, and her passion to watch the Berwyn Park District thrive and become the best version of itself, that makes her a special asset to our team. Elaine is a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and acquaintance to hundreds upon hundreds of park-goers.
Nina Almanza

Nina Almanza

Customer Service Representative

(708) 795-2892
Bio to come.

Buildings and Grounds – Parks Maintenance Team

Juan Bravo Jose Montoya Maintenance Worker I (708) 795-4040
Juan Bravo TBA Maintenance Worker II
Juan Bravo Kevin Zarate Custodian (708) 795-4040
Juan Bravo TBA Horticulturist

Board of Directors

Brian Brock

Brian Brock

Elected Term: 2019-2025

Brian Brock, Commissioner, Berwyn Park District Board of Commissioners. Brian is currently an account executive with IBM Watson Health, with a 25-year career in digital health solutions. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Michigan. Brian was first elected to the board by Berwyn voters in 2017. He was elected to serve as President of the board in 2022. In this capacity, he is responsible for signing contracts and consulting the board and Executive Director on strategic initiatives for the park district.

Brian first ran for a commissioner role to change a long-standing park policy that restricted dogs from entering Berwyn parks. In his first couple of months, he worked with the board to implement new regulations allowing for dogs to access parks with their pet parents. Brian also suggested changing all single-use restrooms throughout the district to be gender-neutral. He is an advocate for beautiful public spaces that benefit our community, is passionate about promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in park district employment policies and community programs.

Brian has resided in Berwyn since 2012 with his partner/husband David. Brian was born/raised in Holland, Michigan where he developed his love for spring-flowering bulbs and historic preservation. The couple is currently renovating their 1929 corner bungalow while trying to keep their dogs from destroying the many perennials and woody ornamentals they have planted. He loves the passion Berwyn residents demonstrate for their homes and our community overall.
Ana M. Espinoza

Ana M. Espinoza

Elected Term: 2017-2023

Ana Espinoza, Commissioner, Berwyn Park District Board of Commissioners. Ana Espinoza serves as Vice President of the board and chairs the Finance Committee. Before retiring, she has served as a teacher, guidance counselor, and school vice-principal. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from De Paul University and Master’s Degree at Chicago State University.

A passion for volunteerism and service has led Ana to serve as a member of PFAC at McNeal Hospital (Patient and Family Advisory Council), the BDC Oktoberfest Committee, and is a St. Leonard Parishioner. In the past, she has been a board member for the PAV YMCA, McNeal Hospital, Berwyn 708 Mental Health Board, and Jefferson PTA.

Through her devotion to contributing to worthy local causes/organizations, Ana brings a wealth of community-organizing experience to our board of directors. In her free time, Ana is an avid reader, traveler, runner, and loves her Chicago sports.
Gretchen Hause Kostelny

Gretchen Hause Kostelny

Elected Term: 2021-2027

Gretchen Kostelny, Commissioner, Berwyn Park District Board of Commissioners. Gretchen is currently the Vice President and Senior Specialist in the Books & Manuscripts department at Hindman Chicago and has worked in the auction industry for over 12 years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in English Literature. In 2021, Gretchen was elected to serve as part of the Board of Commissioners, and currently helps consult with fellow board members and the executive director on strategic initiatives. She is an advocate for accessibility in the parks, brings creative problem-solving skills to the board, and wants to ensure that the Berwyn Park District remains a good steward of public resources. Parks, the preservation of green spaces, and recreation have been integrally important throughout her life. She has played and coached sports at every level from park district leagues to competitive travel leagues. She previously served on the board of 6/15 Green, a community garden in Brooklyn, NY. Gretchen and her husband have lived in Berwyn since 2017, and her husband is the third generation of his family to call Berwyn home. Proponents of historic preservation and lovers of historic homes, the pair spend much of their time carefully restoring their 1926 bungalow. Gretchen, a native Marylander and proud “Midwesterner by marriage”, also enjoys walking and hiking with her energetic dog, and making time for anything relating to books!
Mario Manfredini

Mario Manfredini

Elected Term: 2021-2025

Mario Manfredini was initially elected to the Berwyn Park District Board in 2009. He has served as the Board President for five terms and was re-elected to the Board in 2015. As a life-long Berwyn resident Mario has been serving his community for over 30 years. A desire to be involved with an integral community entity and help to foster its growth and service to residents is one of the main reasons that Mario ran for the Board. Mario has served on several committees that have put Berwyn and the Park District on the map and has had the pleasure of being the guest chef at the District’s annual Positively Pasta Fundraiser since 2011.

Mario has been a Berwyn Firefighter for 22 years and is involved with over a dozen non-profit organizations in the area, most recently being elected to the Board of the Berwyn Development Corporation. Mario owns and operates Mario’s Marinara – Recipes From The Firehouse, which is a small artisanal product line of sauces and condiments. Mario is well-rounded in the budget process, policy making, grant writing, and staff / resource management.

Mario was happy to bring his talents to the Berwyn Park District where he treats every issue before him with an open-mind and researches all information before making a decision that will be in the best interest of the community. Mario’s belief is that the BPD is a valued gem in the city and runs well; it is his goal to keep this gem shining. Mario’s vision is that by providing recreational facilities and programs, the Park District not only improves the quality of life of Berwyn’s residents, but it also helps to attract new residents and businesses to the community.
Zachary Taylor

Zachary Taylor

Elected Term: 2021-2025

Zach Taylor was elected to the Berwyn Park District in 2021. He and his spouse, Alison Paul moved to Berwyn from the Pilsen neighborhood in 2015. He is an advocate for increased access to open space, inclusive policies, nature-based solutions, and social justice. In his down time, Zach likes to jump in his canary yellow canoe with his wife and two sons. He first found community in Berwyn with the Berwyn Runners and Walkers club.

Professionally, Zach works as an ecologist at Stantec. His work focuses on restoring ecosystem health in the Chicago region including northwestern Indiana and western Michigan. Zach brings 15 years of experience in project management, natural areas management, tree care, government consulting, grant writing, and strategic planning to this role.

About Berwyn Park District
The Berwyn Park District is a separate municipal governing agency established for the purpose of providing parks, facilities and recreational programs for the residents of Berwyn.

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