Resolution R-17-02

The Berwyn Park District values and encourages public participation at its Board and other public meetings. This resoution adopted May 17, 2011 (amended February 21, 2017) and establishes guidelines and rules for public participation and encourages public interaction. It is the intention and desire of the Board of Commissioners to provide the public an opportunity to participate in the democratic process and offer their views and ideas as they relate to the Berwyn Park District.


A Resolution Amending Policy & Guidelines for Public Participation at Berwyn Park District Board and Committee Meetings

WHEREAS, the Berwyn Park District Board of Commissioners (the “Board”) is committed to increasing public input in its decision making process, and

WHEREAS, the Board also encourages input for public participation at Board and Committee meetings through public comment, both written and verbal, and

WHEREAS, the Board hereby adopts the following policy and guidelines to govern the public participation at Berwyn Park District Board of Commissioner and Committee meetings.


Section 1. Written communication made may be sent to the attention of the Board of Commissioners, Berwyn Park District, 3701 S. Scoville Avenue, Berwyn, Illinois 60402.

Section 2.  Residents and members of the public who wish to have a topic placed on the agenda shall send a written request to the Executive Director of the Berwyn Park District, 3701 S. Scoville Avenue, Berwyn, Illinois 60402 at least seven calendar days before the Board or Committee meeting.

Section 3.  Berwyn Park District Facebook, Twitter, and Website tools are not official avenues to address the Board of Commissioners, nor are they appropriate avenues to submit Freedom of Information Requests. 

Section 4. The Public Comment or Public Participation portion of regularly scheduled meetings will be at the beginning of the Committee meetings or at the invite and/or request of the Committee Chairman.  At regularly scheduled Board meetings, Public Comment or Public Participation will allowed under the Public Comment Agenda Item in reference to matters being considered and other topics of public interest.

Section 5. When addressing the Board, members, administrative officers and other persons permitted to speak shall confine their remarks to the matter at hand and avoid personal remarks, the impugning of motives, and merely contentious statements.  If any person indulges in such remarks or otherwise engages in conduct injurious to the harmony of the Board or Committee meeting, the President or Chairman may immediately terminate the opportunity to speak.  This decision is at the discretion of the President, Chairperson, or upon the affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the Board members present.  Any person who engages in disorderly conduct during a meeting, may be ejected from the meeting upon motion passed by a majority of the meeting.

Vendors wishing to present products or services for purchase shall not use the public participation section for this purpose.  The Board Secretary will accept materials related to products or services and direct them to the professional staff.


  • Persons wishing to address the Board or Committee shall provide their name. Persons may not sign up another speaker via proxy.
  • Personnel matters will not be addressed during "Public Comment".
  • Hand-held posters are not allowed in the Board meetings unless they are part of a presentation. Speakers may submit materials for viewing by Board members to the Board Secretary. Please provide ten (10) sets of information for Board members, professional staff, and for the minutes.
  • It is the President’s or Chairman’s prerogative to limit discussion of any speaker to allow for broad and diverse public participation. Speakers may not cede their time to another speaker.
  • Speakers will have five (5) minutes each to present their remarks in public comment.
  • Speakers will have five (5) minutes to present their remarks if a written request to be placed on the agenda is received. Speakers may not deviate from item submitted.
  • Speakers will be limited to speak on one (1) agenda item at Committee meetings.
  • Speakers will be allowed to speak on one (1) item not on the agenda at a Board meeting.
  • Groups may select a maximum of three (3) representatives to speak on a topic.
  • The Board Secretary will group speakers according to topic.
  • After all subjects have been heard, the Board members may or may not discuss any or all of the issues presented, but may not take action until a future meeting as required in the Open Meetings Act.

This Policy may be amended by the District at any time.  If the Policy is amended, the District shall file a written copy of the Policy, as amended, with the Board and shall also advise all District the public of the existence of the amended Policy

Section 8. EFFECTIVE DATE. This Policy becomes effective February 21, 2017 upon adoption by the Board of Commissioners.
Passed this 21st Day of February, 2017.
Adopted this 21st Day of February, 2017.


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