Organizational Chart

The Berwyn Park District is a municipal body politic that was founded in 1920 and organized as a special district of government under 70 ILCS 1205/, commonly known as the Park District Code. The organizational chart below provides detail on how the District is governed and operated.

BPD Org Chart

Board of Commissioners
The Park District is governed by five elected park district commissioners who are elected to 6-year terms on a staggered basis and who serve without compensation or remuneration.

The primary role of the elected board of commissioners is to set and approve policy, and to approve financial expenses.  The Board employs an Executive Director, who in turn is responsible for all aspects of the operation and management of the District within established policy and procedures.

Board President
The President of the Board is elected from within the Board of Commissioners and serves on an annual basis. The President speaks on behalf of the Board of Commissioners and serves as Chairman for all official Board meetings.

The Vice-President of the Board is elected from within the Board of Commissioners and serves on an annual basis. The Vice-President runs Board meetings when the President is unavailable.

The Secretary is appointed on an annual basis and is the official keeper of the records for the Berwyn Park District.

The Treasurer is appointed by the Board and serves as the Chief Financial Officer for the Berwyn Park District. The treasurer is responsible for the investment of park district funds and oversees financing, auditing, and reporting.

The attorney serves as legal counsel to the Berwyn Park District, its Board, and Executive Director related to park district business and issues.

Executive Director
The Executive Director is employed by and reports to the elected Board of Commissioners. The executive director is responsible for all aspect of planning, operation, and management of the district, its facilities, programming, and staffing within the policies set forth by the Board of Commissioners.

Safety Coordinator
The Safety Coordinator/Risk Manager is responsible for management of the District’s safety related to programs, facilities, and staffing.

The District has two superintendents representing the Recreation Department and the Parks Maintenance Department, respectively. The Superintendents serve as department heads and are responsible for department operations on a daily basis. They report to the Executive Director.

About BPD
The Berwyn Park District is a separate municipal governing agency established for the purpose of providing parks, facilities and recreational programs for the residents of Berwyn.

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Our Mission
To enrich the quality of life of the community by providing superior parks, facilities and recreational services in a fiscally responsible manner.
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The Berwyn Park District is proud to be a partner and supporter of the West Suburban Special Recreational Association.