April 17, 2018 Board of Commissioners Meeting

Tuesday, Apr 17

 Monthly Board Meeting

Berwyn Park District

April 17, 2018


Proksa Park Activity Center


Agenda Topics


I.         Call to Order - Roll Call of Commissioners                               (action)


  1. Pledge of Allegiance


  1. Adoption of Agenda                                                                        (action)


IV.      Acceptance of Minutes                                                                   (action)       

  1. March 27, 2018 Board Meeting
  2. March 27, 2018 Closed Session
  3. March 27, 2018 Budget Hearing


V.        Public Comments


VI.      Treasurer’s Report                                                                          (action)                                                                                                                                         

  1.  Monthly  Financial Statements                                           
  2.  Approve April 2018 Payables


VII.     Executive Director’s Report                                                         (information)


VIII.   West Suburban Special Recreation Association                      (information)

A.        Acceptance of Minutes

B.        Proposed New Membership-Village of Riverside


IX.       Correspondence


X.        Standing Committee Reports

          A.        Finance                                                                                 (action)

          A1.     Discussion and Consideration of updating bank related Signature Cards  

The Committee recommends updating the Berwyn Park District Byline Bank Signature Cards to remove Edward A. Karasek and to add James Woywod.


B.        Building & Grounds                                                 (information)



C.        Personnel & Policy                                                  (action)

C1.     Discussion and Consideration of Executive Director Evaluation

The Committee completed the evaluation of the Executive Director based on 2017 performance and recommends a salary increase of 1.5% following a written review and discussion with the Executive Director along with a review of proposed 2018 work plan related goals.  The funds have been appropriated into the 2018 Budget.


D.        Recreation                                                                        (information)


E.        Ad-Hoc Pond Renovation                                         (no meeting)

The Ad Hoc committee discusses the project at the Board meetings.


XI.       Unfinished Business


XII.     Closed Session Under 5 ILCS (c) 120 to review Closed Session Minutes


XIII.   Action Taken in Open Session                                                     (action)

A.      Discussion and Consideration Resolution R-18-03 Releasing Minutes of Closed Session Minutes



XIV.    New Business                                                                              (action)               


  1. Meeting Schedules
  2. Discussion and Consideration of Possible Pool Repairs
  3. Other


XV.    Adjournment                                                                                     (action)

Location: Proksa Park Activity Center
3001 S. Wisconsin Ave. Berwyn, IL 60402

About BPD
The Berwyn Park District is a separate municipal governing agency established for the purpose of providing parks, facilities and recreational programs for the residents of Berwyn.

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Our Mission
To enrich the quality of life of the community by providing superior parks, facilities and recreational services in a fiscally responsible manner.
Proksa Park
Activity Center

3001 S. Wisconsin Ave.
Freedom Park
Administration Office

3701 Scoville Avenue
Cultural Center

6445 W. 27th Place
The Berwyn Park District is proud to be a partner and supporter of the West Suburban Special Recreational Association.